Monday, July 25, 2005

Hard to do.....

"It is harder to achieve self-esteem than to practice self-sacrifice."

an Ayn Rand quote

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Step back.....

Why do you do what your do? I recently stepped back for a two-week period, actually left the country with my family. The normal stimulus was out of reach, even those tools that keep you connected to familiarity such as cell phones and internet. Within a few hours of abandoning our comfort zone of home, work, and space, it became evident why I do what I do (professionally, intellectually, communally). I do what I do for my benefit first, but then significant benefits also accrue to my family and all other connected constituencies. It is true that when you are facing the "tree", it is difficult to see the "forest". But periodic detachment from your zone of familiarity is not a detachment from reality, more so it is a refreshment that clarifies the overall mission. The danger lies in not stepping back, because then you are not aware of peripheral reality changes, number one, and number two, your intellectual breadth is not utilized efficiently. I will step back more often going forward (at least I will be aware that this is good).