Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Values are Practical

The Value of Reality is one of the most challenging to embrace.  This is because we want Reality to be what we want it to be as opposed to what it is.  You can only understand the given Reality by being objective and that requires us to understand our bias and prejudices, it is only then that we are able to "see" Reality for what it is.  Once we have clarity as to the Reality that we are facing, we use the Value of Reasoning to understand how we relate to the given Reality.  If I am behaving inconsistent with the given Reality, then my results are not going to be what they could be and this judgement is only possible by Reasoning  , thus understanding the precepts and concepts of the Reality I am facing.  Once I understand this context, then the Value of Independent Thinking is triggered.  I can not understand the context and not take action.  Yet, Independent Thinking requires me to evaluate all the possible outcomes of the action I desire to take so as to act consistent with Reality.  Therefore, the baseline of understanding and acting lie with first Reality, then Reasoning and Independent Thinking.

The continuing understanding and acting create the existence of the Values of Honesty and Integrity.  We are acting in unison with the given Reality and therefore we are being Honest with ourselves and with others.  Integrity is the Value that is attributed as holistic character due to our consistent  and Honest behaviors.  The result of this continous loop is the Value of Productivity.  Some result will occur from the behavior we exhibit.  If the behavior is grounded in this loop, then the outcome, Productivity, will emerge. Then the Value of Justice is evident.  If I produce more, then I deserve more; if I contribute more then I will have a greater impact. We judge ourselves and we are judged by others relative to our contributions to one another into a broader societal ripple.  When this judgement is positive, due to the contribution made by our consistent behaviors, then we earn the Values of Pride and Self Esteem.  No one and no thing can give us Pride and Self Esteem, these we must earn on a daily basis in every aspect of our life.  When we earn Pride and Self Esteem, we find happiness and are more likely to continue to exhibit the behaviors that ultimately reward us psychologically.  It is then, and only then that the Value of Teamwork is created.  Likeminded individuals creating Pride and Self Esteem for themselves, now begin to collaborate and the outcome of this collaboration will create outcomes more significant than those of an individual.  The leverage created by groups and organizations acting in this manner create more "Just" societies in communities and organizations.  Here is where we find progress for humanity.

In the final analysis, your attitude determines your effectiveness in everything, every time! LGL www.LuisLobo.Biz