Sunday, July 29, 2007

Motivation is your own...

Motivation is caused behavior, it is not something someone gives to another. Case in point is my daughter Felicia who has been very active in local theater, dance and vocal for many years. Tonight was a culmination of sorts when she was awarded a full scholarship for the coming year with her theater group. The traits are clear and obvious: the person is passionate and lives/breathes the activity and behaviors required to be successful; the person rubs unto others through their enthusiastic and positive attitude; the group's outcomes are improved due to the enhanced effort by all.

I believe all people wish to be successful, some have an innate ability to figure it out on their own and do so, the remainder simply need to be shown how. However, it has become very clear to me that some people simply do not want to work hard enough to achieve their goal or potential. Even the most holistic teams can not attain their potential with these sort of individuals, regardless of their intelligence or know-how. We are each responsible for how successful our lives become and ultimately our lives.

It is what it is.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Changing Reality

You know the feeling. That rock in the pit of your stomach as you contemplate the changes that must be made, while at the same time allowing individuals the time to make appropriate changes themselves, it is the cycle of "chicken or the egg". Then, it becomes clear that ownership must be your own. Change is never popular, even in the face of its necessity. It is interesting how perspectives can be constructed from above and below, all relative to points of view and sometimes from mere perceptions without any base of factual data or even in the face of facts. There is nothing more dangerous than bases of power influencing decisions without facing reality. I struggle to be and remain objective as to the given reality, yet persuasion and influence, aided and unaided can become a driver, notably when performance pressure is in full throttle. Regardless, once the change is made, it must be seen through. Once the change is made perceptions and realities begin to change. Once the leadership enjoins the behaviors necessary to cause permanent change, then change occurs. Deming stated that "knowledge always comes from the outside, and by invitation only" - our responsibility is to make the invitation.