Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well, this time last week I was worried that my health had taken a sharp turn DOWN.  Simple answers, like - you need to take in more fluids, given the power walking regimen, are embarrassing when "I knew that" is confirmed.  Looks like a clean bill of health.  Thank you doctors, nursing staff, family - notably my wife for being more than my voice when I lacked it.

So, what if the news had not turned out to be as positive?  Well, that is speculative as we really do not know how we would react otherwise.  However, are any of us prepared for the "news".  Are we prepared for our self-judgement as a person, as a father, as a brother, a husband, a team mate, in so many of the roles that we play every day?  Is your house in order in these many relationships?  I know I have several that need to be repaired, or at least clarified. 

What is the legacy of your financial condition?  I learned with the passing of my father, at 52 - I am 50, that insurance is for the living, not the deceased.  Have you involved a professional in reviewing your financial affairs with your significant other?

Given a "new lease" what will I do different, stop doing, begin doing; believe me - one does not need to go to the brink to gain clarity of awareness!  I have learned, again, since 12-23-10, that I could hold myself accountable to a daily power-walking regimen.  I learned that I can eat more healthy-like.  Both of these have required a change in behavior that ultimately led to a change in belief - proven by the results.

On many  fronts, I am able to change the given reality.  My grandfather Andres, upon me asking him to do this and that with me, now and then would say:  "Luis, I lack the will-power".  My friend Pete, a great coach, says: "You either have the WILL or you have the SKILL" - when you have both, few goals are insurmountable.

Now it is time to reflect on these matters.  Only I can have the WILL!

In the final analysis, your attitude determines your effectiveness in everything, every time! LGL www.LuisLobo.Biz

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Well - one day you are high on the horse, enjoying a Steeley Dan concert , next you are in the hospital with severe abdominal cramps. Do not yet know what the obstruction in the intestine is - right now I am blaming it on Od'g on tasty peanuts at the concert. They will know once the probe goes to work tomorrow. Regardless, here I am at a moment of uncertainty as to my health. They say "live each day like it's your last". I have done so mostly, but am aware that many times the efforts were expanded for the approval of others and not for my own and took my attention away from my loved ones. I do not believe I am going to experience some life altering awareness due to fear of dying due to the fact that I do not fear death. I am not going to experience some mystical clarity because I do not fear the judgement or approval of a higher power. I believe in goodness and freedom, in my desire to help others be successful and in my own motivation to change the given reality within my sphere of influence. Lastly I do know of the unconditional love of my children, my wife and family.

The people in my life know that I love them, I have told them so. The opportunities of life, in most respects, I have taken and made something of them and many have benefited by it. I have an awareness of the world in my time and am very hopeful of the increasing freedom and quality of life my children will enjoy.

Finally, for now, I am most clear in my belief of mankind. We have created a world of progress driven by freedom. This trajectory will not change. Of this I am most certain this afternoon sitting here at Frederick Memorial Hospital. I am at peace.

In the final analysis, your attitude determines your effectiveness in everything, every time! LGL www.LuisLobo.Biz