Sunday, January 30, 2011



I have deliberated about sending this message to you, given that “resolutions”, made in the New Year, barely last into February.  Throwing caution to the wind, and the fact that I am sharing this with you, now forces a commitment on my part.

Upon receipt, I will have accomplished 30 consecutive days of my preferred exercise:  power-walking.  This is not new.  I have been doing this, either on a treadmill or on the street since 1990.  The issue has been the lack of consistency on my part.  But now I have 30 consistent days behind me and I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Each of us has something that we wish to improve in our lives (daily power-walking just happens to be on my list of several).  Maybe you wish to have a more involved family life or maybe a better relationship with one particular member of your family.  You may have been putting off taking that course that will in time lead to the academic achievement you desire.  Maybe you want to become more involved in the different aspects of your community.  Maybe you desire to perform on a more consistent basis in your role at BB&T.  

Only you can decide “HOW” you will address your specific desires.  It is YOUR desire, not someone else’s, and by the way, no one can force you to accomplish it.  It is perfectly SMART to ask a friend, your coach at work, or your family member for suggestions on how to begin, or improve what you wish to accomplish. 

We are each responsible for ourselves.  Yet, we ALL get enthusiastic about what another is doing in their quest for PRIDE and SELF-ESTEEM.  This is how a culture of EPA – Enthusiastic Positive Attitude – is created and nourished.  Kelly King has always noted “IF it is to BE, it is up to ME”.   How true.  You can take that first step, or you can simply evade.

I believe we only get to take the JOURNEY of life once – so enjoy every aspect of it.  I know that there are many who are well on their way towards these worthwhile goals – CHEERING FOR YOU!   As part of my commitment, I will send you a periodic update; i.e. “Made 90 days”.  I suggest you do so with a friend, a work colleague, or me. 


Luis Lobo 1-23-11

oh dear.......

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