Sunday, October 15, 2006

Good news/Bad news!

First the BAD: This week Congress passed a bill, a part of which outlaws internet gambling. There is all sorts of empirical data damning gambling for social ills, as well as other information that refutes the notion that gambling decays our society. This is not the point. What has happened again, is that YOUR REPRESENTATIVES have voted against your personal freedom to spend your earned money as you see fit. In their relentless pursuit to make YOU accept THEIR values, they have once again reduced your rights to lead your life as you see fit and cause no harm. They will also make the banks their enforcers by causing payment systems to negate the transactions accomplished today on the net. U.S. law is not international law, I am sure the 20M US citizens that enjoy gaming on the net will find more receptive channels.

Now the GOOD: Grammen Bank and it's founder, Bengladeshi, Dr. Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in a fitting recognition of the innovative banking concepts and the remarkable services rendered by him in alleviating poverty not only in Bangladesh but also in many other developing and developed countries. Grammen Bank has lent $4billion in micro loans, some as small as $20.00, with a 98% recovery rate. This is one man making a difference in the world! AMEN!