Saturday, March 10, 2007

Germinating behaviors


Where did the hours and days go? Since taking a few days off during the holidays, it seems that January and February have been a blurr. Large and complicated processes demanded huge amounts of time, leaving one feeling disconnected from team mates and clients, and then feeling inadequate about doing the things that make it all go during this period. Don't get me wrong, we have not just been thinking about how to get the year started, yet it seems that we have to awaken other's desires to engage the client. It is not improbable that the clients are involved in the same "coming out of the gates challenge".

Come on sunlight, warmer temperatures, and less pessimistic attitudes! The economic seeds that now begin to sprout in our pipelines are the same ones we planted and nurtured even a year ago. Are you planting the seeds today for your benefit tomorrow? Visit your stakeholders and create new ones, not because the leaders say so, but for your own benefit. Otherwise you create your own demise. We are not talking about survival but about self-efficacy. The YOU that you are meant to be.