Saturday, March 18, 2017

YOU MATTER! www.LuisLobo.Biz

We are so happy to announce the upcoming release of "How Values Are Practical"!  Ten core values are brought to life through the words and experiences of hugely successful individuals from all walks of life.  Look for it the Spring of 2017!

For now we will revisit key content from
 "It IS Your Attitude"
 over the following weeks.


SO, do YOU matter? The power of YOU is yet unknown.  I am not referring to you the reader, but to you the human being.  Can people move mountains simply through the depth of their commitment to excellence?  


Commitment causes your mind to devise ways to move the mountain.

...we choose performance, so the candidates are few.  My message here is that you have the personal responsibility to make yourself matter.  If you don't take on this commitment, no one else will take an interest in doing so on your behalf.

In the final analysis, your attitude determines your effectiveness in everything, every time!  www.LuisLobo.Biz