Sunday, April 08, 2007

I AM.....

I think, therefore I am.....?

10:34 Sunday night and I have had a week to think, and think and shudder and fear. Is all of life some brittle moment in time, one at a time, and yet all future - however enthusiastic we may view it, come wrapped in uncertainty? Do we simply take steps hoping for the best? Not taking steps make us go with the wind someone or something sets. How much is our own course? Not much maybe as it gyrates about the headwinds and obstacles, some seen and many unanticipated. Funny, when we look backwards - our fears were mostly imagined and did not come to pass. This is not to say that bad things do not happen, they do. Yet over time the pain lessens, some. I believe it takes 25 years to dampen deep hurt and anger. Maybe more to relieve grief, maybe never. So what do we do? We take the step; then again and again. To stop is to die? In some ways yes. Fear of failure is the albatross around our neck. We step and over time we look backwards and gain confidence, pride and self esteem. I do not know any other way.