Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year! It is new year everyday, but given our need for structure and timelines we call this DAY ONE. We can look back and review our efforts, challenges, and accomplishments. It is the efforts in the face of the challenges where the seeds of potential are planted. The accomplishments are merely the conclusions or near-conclusions of efforts/challenges. Regardless, today we sort of start with a blank slate even as there is always carryover from past efforts, decisions and again, challenges.

The stage is set in many ways, the right leadership has been in place overall. YOUR enthusiasm and clear discernment of potential drives expectations and results. Lead by example, deploy all potential resources. Sometimes, it is the "little things" that matter to clients and team mates - a congratulatory telecall or note, a kind word. Regardless, leadership is about helping team mates maintain focus on the behaviors that will cause their success. It is the COACH noting the good, the not good and what can be - only INTEGRITY gains followership.

Breathe easier, stick to the plan, do your best; that is all anyone can do.