Saturday, January 20, 2007

The poetry of Felicia Lobo

as you blink....

life spirals
children play
adults work
they can't get enough
they work and work
their bones to death
to make a living
to make a home
for the children they have raised
they dont relize they are missing life
their own
and their childrens
dont you blink now
their childhood will be gone
you'll miss it
they'll say "im doing this for you"
but all the children want is time
time with you,
mom and dad
nothing more than time
it takes them too long to relize
and then childhood is gone
their precious time is gone
the time they could've had
the time they didnt take
the children grow older
now who wants the time
they want to break away
while your just now getting close
these parents they want their time back
but sorry its too late
dont be over protective now
leave them room to grow
room to open their hearts
room to open their minds
no, now you're too close
you're the walls closing in
your over protective
see they crossed the line
between innocence and ignorence
let them find the difference
let them find their path
you need to back away
they will never grow this way
you may accept it now
but the guilt is still on you
but dont blame me sir and madam
i told you not to blink ...

Felicia Lobo